Technological infrastructure

We offer a wide catalog of specialized engineering services for the implementation of Information Technology solutions. At present, the technological infrastructure is a key factor for the success and efficiency of the operation of any company. We accompany your organization in the process of assuming the responsibility of designing and managing your technological infrastructure with our experience and knowledge or we take care of managing it so that your company can focus on your core business and leave your IT investment in the hands of experts.


The application of this technology allows optimizing the IT Infrastructure of companies, achieving significant reductions in operating costs, hardware, energy, downtime and availability of applications, among others. You can reduce hardware and operating costs by up to 50%, power consumption by up to 80%, and have a significant reduction of up to 70% in the recovery of a production server.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is probably the most mentioned term in the IT world today. The savings in licensing costs, hardware, electrical energy, qualified human resources and others, sounds attractive enough to think about adopting that trend. But you need to ask yourself which Cloud Computing services are right for your business. Depending on the size of the company, the unique requirements of each organization and other factors it is necessary to design an appropriate transition plan. MERCURY is on your side to find and implement a Cloud Computing solution that works for your organization.

Security and Backup

Technology is the structure in which today's company is based. And information is the most valuable commodity in the world; today it is created, consumed and delivered with permanent connectivity. And as a valuable asset, it is prey to multiple threats at different levels of its life cycle. At MERCURY we are concerned about the security of our clients' information and we have created these services for this purpose.