• Software solutions that integrate all areas of your company

    We have a wide range of products with which you can manage your company safely and efficiently with the implementation of the Human Resources, Payroll, Finance, Billing, Savings and Loans and Administration of Schools systems.

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  • Mercury Human Resources and Payroll

    The perfect tool to manage the most important asset of your company, The Staff. It includes the personnel management, payroll, equipment allocation, letters, attendance control, recruitment and selection (web), performance and objectives (web), training and self-service (web) modules.

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  • Mercury Finance

    Control the finances and daily operations of your company with a single tool centrally with the implementation of this tool for companies from SMEs to medium. It includes the inventory modules, purchases, accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, general cash, petty cash, bank, fixed assets and general accounting.

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  • Mercury Billing Cloud

    Mercury Billing Cloud is an online system to manage your inventory and sales of products or services by branches, which can be accessed from any device with internet connection such as personal computer, laptop, cell phone or tablet, which guarantees you have access to your Billing information from any location.

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  • Mercury Schools Administration

    This is an online system (web) for the administration of your school's data on admission, enrollment, planning, school year, teacher classes, teacher notes, parent notes, among other functions.

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  • Mercury Savings and Loans

    Tool for the efficient management of loan and savings portfolios, with great flexibility to adapt to the needs of your company. It offers multiple reports with which you will have at hand the information necessary to make decisions.

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Sale and implementation of systems

We have a wide portfolio of systems for the different economic turns in the areas of Human Resources, Accounting, Schools and Banking.

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Customer service

The quality and fast response to the requirements of our customers, is the main reason for choosing our products.

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Assistance control devices

We have a wide range of biometric devices for assistance control, integrated with our Human Resources solution.

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Authorized distributors

  • We are authorized distributors of the products and software solutions of leading companies in the market such as:




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  • Julio 2016 - Lanzamiento sistema Mercury Facturación Cloud

    Sistema para la gestión de ventas para empresas pymes, que tiene como caracteristica principal de estar siempre disponible en la nube (cloud) para su acceso desde cualquier dispositivo con una conexión a internet.

  • Octubre 2014 - Implementación Mercury RRHH Laboratorios de Referencia

    Se implemento de manera exitosa Mercury Recursos Humanos y Nómina en la empresa lider en servicios clínicos de referencia, para la administración de un personal de casi mil (1,000) empleados.

  • Octubre 2013 - Implementación Mercury RRHH Dominican Watchman

    Se implemento de manera exitosa Mercury Recursos Humanos y Nómina en la empresa lider en seguridad en el país, Dominican Watchman, para la administración de un personal de más de tres (3,000) empleados.